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Muncie, IN 47303
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At Morgan-Francis, we work hand-in-hand with our representatives and partners to provide you with products and services in a professional manner.

Depending on the type and size of your project, you will find advantages (including pricing, proximity, and specific expertise) when working with our representatives and partners.

Through the concerted efforts of our representatives, partners and our in-house staff, Morgan-Francis stands ready to assist you on projects of all sizes.

Individual buyers, for instance, will want to contact one of our business partners for the best retail deals on a flagpole for home or a new or existing business.

Contractors or architects who are working on new construction projects, please contact a representative from the list below or contact us directly.

Representative Coverage Phone Fax
Delta Construction Company
MI 810-385-6280 810-385-6281

Homeowners, business owners, and individual buyers working on post-construction (i.e. "pre-existing") projects, will want to contact one of our business partners. Business Partners tagged with a star() are a part of Morgan Francis's "Star" program. However, do not hesitate to contact any Morgan Francis business partner from one of the following:(star first and in alphabetical order as well)

Business Partner Location Phone Fax
Flag & Banner Co. Inc.
Indianapolis, IN 317-299-4880 317-299-4896
Keith Abbott Flagpoles
Batesville, IN 812-933-9939 812-933-9949
KSDAR - Logan Whitey Chapter
Stanford, KY 606-365-1776

If you are interested in becoming a Morgan Francis Flagpoles� partner please let us know.

All sales are subject to our Statement of Terms and Conditions

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